Habitat Construction – The Automated way


Living on the moon: an image long depicted in science fiction films and books. These films and movies inspired and fascinated us since we were kids. And today we are closer than ever to making this image become real. We believe that a permanent establishment on the lunar surface is just the next logical step in space exploration. We share this belief with many others. All around the world, space agencies like NASA or ESA as well as various companies are working on concepts for a permanent human basis on the moon. This strengthens us in our motivation of being part of this historical process.


Our rover is designed to be a mobile building machine. Thanks to the mounted solar sintering device, we can sinter Regolith, a material that can be found everywhere on the lunar surface. Thus, we can work with the concept of In-Situ-Resource Utilization (ISRU). This enables us to establish a sustainable building procedure. Building materials don’t need to be brought from earth, which allows a save on transportation costs. 

An important step towards the realization of our project was the participation at IGLUNA 2021, a project organized by Space Innovation (former Swiss Space Center) in collaboration with ESA and many industrial partners.

Until we reach our final goal of building habitats and infrastructure on the moon, we plan to use the rover’s advantages on earth as well. Many application fields are possible: for regions with extreme conditions, like for example deserts, our rover can be sent to sinter basements or pipelines. This would allow a more sustainable building process and reduce the need for human personnel.


We are a motivated, multidisciplinary team from many study fields, including electrical and mechanical engineering, informatics, robotics, physics, aeronautics, and economics.


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