WARR (Scientific Workgroup for Rocketry and Spaceflight) is a student team based at the Technical University of Munich.
Originally founded in 1962 as a rocketry team, it has expanded and evolved over the last five decades. Currently WARR consists of five bigger groups, one of which is the robotics team Exploration.

WARR gained its robotics branch in 2017 with the founding of Exploration.

A group of students developed concepts for a Mars rover and with that our history began.
“Rover I | Hypatia” was the first rover to roll out of our workshop, quickly followed up by its second iteration “Rover II”.

The team participated in the European Rover Challenge in 2018 and 2019, even ranking as the best competitor from Germany.

Spurred on by that success, the team decided it was time to expand our repertoire.

On the road to explore Mars, lunar outposts will be a valuable stepping stone, reducing the risk and cost of future missions.
As our team is founded on a principle of furthering extraterrestrial exploration, we decided it was time to turn away from Mars for a while to focus on the Moon.
With that, our current project, Project REBELS was born.

REBELS is an acronym for “Rover for the Establishment of Bases and Encampments on the Lunar Surface”. Our goal with Project REBELS was to investigate the application of a rover in habitat construction on the moon.

As part of this project we are working on our current rover LARSS (Lunar Automated Rover for Solar Sintering).

In 2021 LARSS and us went on a field campaign on top of Mount Pilatus as part of IGLUNA, a technology demonstration project around the theme of space habitats.

In addition to our main rover we have constructed several small ESA ExoMy rovers, which we use for early hardware testing. Going forth we are also starting to look at multi-rover applications.

We are excited to further improve our rover and keep investigating this technology, that will aid future explorers beyond our planet earth.