Newsletter November 2021

The Newsletter is back!

With our return it is our pleasure to introduce our new PR Team members, Ella and Yasmin.

We are happy to bring you all the latest information about WARR Exploration.

In other recent news, here is what happened so far this semester:

The ExoMy Competition

On a foggy November morning, a pack of our team members gathered on Campus Garching. It was time for our ExoMy Competition – a challenge designed as a face off between the members who had been working on their 3D printed rovers for the duration of the summer semester. In several rounds, the teams of two to five students got to try their hand at tackling the task.

The 3D printed rovers were scored on their ability to create a large, even surface of sand. To achieve this, the teams developed different regolith handling payloads. These will help us in the development of a similar payload for LARSS which will apply new moon dust layers, enabling it to 3D print with the regolith. Working off of the blueprints for the ExoMy Rover provided by the European Space Agency (ESA), the teams each developed their own techniques to accomplish the competition objectives. (see pictures)

Seeing what the groups have accomplished in just one semester as well as socializing with other team members after a long period of working online was a much needed spark of motivation at the beginning of this semester.

The Space Tech Expo

Alongside representatives from other WARR teams we, including our rovers, went on a trip to Bremen this month to introduce the attendees of this year’s Space Tech Expo to Project REBELS.
Whizzing around the exhibition stalls, past rocket engines and satellites, our adorable ExoMy Rovers were understandably well received.
It was especially delightful to meet the people behind ESA’s ExoMy blueprints and introduce them to our versions of the ExoMy. Interacting with people working in the same field as ourselves is always a great inspiration.

KickOff 2021

Additionally, we were happy to host yet another KickOff Event, successfully. We are glad to see many new members join our ranks. The team is looking forward to the added boost.

Welcome, young Padawans!

Instagram handle change

As a last piece of news we want to inform you that our instagram handle has had a very minor change. You can now find us via @warr.exploration .

Until next time we wish you happy holidays.